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Join me in imagining, thinking, and dreaming. 

It's free to join.  If you do, we'll be emailing one free short story per month. If you want to read any of the other stories posted here, you can purchase each one for $1.99. All funds from story purchases will be donated to Stages of Freedom. Your email will not be used for any purpose other than occasional updates on Dr. Fine's work.

We need a culture that puts people before profit, that builds and strengthens communities, and that revolves around democracy. We need a culture in which people take care of one another, the land, the air and the sky. Fiction helps us look honestly at the world we have, helps imagine a better world and then helps us imagine that better world together. The opportunity to imagine together creates the opportunity to change together.


Imagination transforms ideas. Ideas become an ideology. Ideology creates community. Community sparks revolt.

I think literature should be socially disruptive. Literature exists so that we can replace the limiting confines of material things with the limitless hope that haunts our relationships with one another.

These are the themes that are woven into the characters and situations in my short stories. If that interests you please JOIN! 

Read, think about and share these stories.  Write some of your own.


Then go out an make some trouble, so we can get started fixing this mess.

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