Sammy Li, who you met briefly in The White Donkey, returns to the house he abandoned ten years before and finds a squatter living there, a squatter who is Sammy’s worse nightmare, who reminds Sammy of everything he has been trying to forget.

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Mothers' Days

Gloria Seal has three children and a mother who doesn’t like her very much.  Her mother, her brothers and lots of other people think Gloria is just dull.  But Gloria, who loves her kids, particularly her baby daughter Impanema, doesn’t let that bother her.  She just keeps on working to hold her family together. Tragedy strikes.  How can she understand it?  How can she make sense of herself, her home, her mother, her love for her mother, her children and her life?

The White Donkey

Diane Li, a woman who left her husband, hears that her sister-in-law Jennifer is critically ill.  She’s too embarrassed to call or visit because she feels the shame of the family’s judgement and because she feels that she has let everyone down. But Diane’s life and her own choices aren’t working out either, so she returns home to redeem what she can of the relationships that matter. And finds her way to a redemption of a different sort.

The Man With No Nose

A man with no nose drives into town and slowly, insidiously, takes over.  There is no resistance.  There is barely any notice.  The town goes into lock-down and things get worse and worse, as the people in the town watch, only a little curious

The Kaddisher

Howard Levitan was his father’s Kaddisher, the son who was supposed to say Kaddish for his father and keep his father’s memory alive. And Howard’s father was Howard’s grandfather’s Kaddisher.  But who would become Howard’s grandfather’s Kaddisher, once Howard’s father died?

The Social Determinants of Health

Humans are born free but everywhere are in chains. Social conditions influence us. Our strength and our choices, our love and our determination, matter more. Love matters. And perhaps it is even stronger than death after all.

Isaiah on Route 6

A prophet walks down Route 6 in Scituate and Johnston, Rhode Island dressed in sack-cloth and ashes.  Can anyone even see her?  How do the biases we hold about one another keep us from seeing one another and ourselves?  Is the gulf that separates us unbridgeable?  Must it always end in tragedy?

The Blind Emperor

Abe Klein is the Blind Emperor, a man who lives mostly in his own head.  His life has not turned out the way he thought it would.  Then one day a beautiful young woman with pink and blue hair and many piercings walks into his shop, and Abe’s life changes.

The Four Fingered Horse

A man has horses and feeds them.  He dreams about them.  They provide the order and purpose in his life.  Then other men come and remove his ability to care for his horses.  What will he do?  Where will he go?

COVID-19 and The Supreme Court: Coronavirus, Chaos and Democracy

This story is about the abject failure to control and contain Coronavirus in the US.  Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh reminded us, at his confirmation hearing, that “boys and girls like beer.”  Our failure to control Coronavirus came about because we have allowed democracy to wither, because we expect nothing more from one another than “liking beer.”


A Liberian internet entrepreneur from North Providence, Rhode Island falls in love, sort of, with a Honduran doctor he meets when she comes to clean his mother’s house.