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Michael Schemaille of Jewish Rhode Island interviews Dr. Fine: "This is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country." Read the full interview here.


Ed Fitzpatrick of The Boston Globe covers coronavirus efforts in Central Falls with Dr. Fine. Read the article here


Dr. Fine writes for ConvergenceRI: "The problem with profiting from vaping."  Read the article here.


Michael Schemaille of Jewish Rhode Island interviews Dr. Fine: "The challenge of our politics is to see ourselves as one people."  Read the full interview here.


Jim Ludes and G. Wayne Miller interview Dr. Fine on the PBS program Story in the Public Square.  Watch here.


Abby Remer of Martha's Vineyard Times reviews Abundance: "Fine’s excellent characters bring the human cost of the Liberian civil war home. He makes it real. He makes it personal. And he writes a tale worth reading." Read here.


T. P. Gariepy of Stonehill College, writes of Health Care Revolt, "This is a revolutionary book. The author incites readers to embark on an audacious revolution to convert the American medical market into the American health care system... Dr. Fine is realistic; he acknowledges that it will be decades before this goal is attained, but emphasizes that it is time to begin." Read here.


Dr. Gregory Stevens reviews Health Care Revolt for The Medical Care Blog. Read here.


Chanel 10 News interview Dr. Fine about the opening of the new Neighborhood Health Station in Central Falls, RI. Watch here.


Mike Bilow of Motif Magazine calls Abundance, "A realistic tour-de-force of survival." Read the review here.


John Land of The Providence Journal reviews Abundance: "Suavely and elegantly fashioned.... A thinking man’s thriller that makes Fine, a physician who was formerly director of the state Department of Health, the Ocean State’s own John le Carré." Read the review here.



Dr. Fine is interview by the Washington Post about the emergence of fentanyl as a public health problem in Rhode Island. Read here



Dr. Fine speaks with Haverford magazine about his plan for healthcare support. Read here.


Radio station WBUR in Boston interviews Dr. Fine. Listen here.


Family physician and author Tanya Feke reviews Health Care Revolt. Read here.


Providence Journal's G. Wayne Miller Reviews Health Care Revolt: "Family-care physician is eminently qualified to dissect health care in America today and to propose a way forward." Read here.


Publisher's Weekly reviews Health Care Revolt: "Fine persuasively demonstrates that the profit motive built into the patchwork of federal, state, and local programs that pass for healthcare in the U.S. leads to ballooning costs, gross inefficiency, and treatment for the privileged few instead of cost-effective prevention for the many...This book is an informative, insightful introduction to a complex topic."  Read here.


Michael Fine, MD "Health care activist inspires future care givers" Yale News 


CCTV's Center for Media & Democracy Host Michael Fine, MD for a discussion about universal primary care


Mt. Sinai - Michael Fine, MD: Health Care Economics 101



URI fall 2012 Honors Colloquium
Michael Fine, MD discusses Rhode Island’s health care needs based on its changing demographics and the financial challenges associated with providing equitable healthcare.


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