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10 stories. People whose lives are transformed. People who struggle and survive, who see their world through lost hopes, inappropriate loves, and irrational dreams. 10 stories, each one a new way to listen, see, feel and dream.

Rhode Island. A Tiny State with more stories than people...Hopes and dreams, deaths and disappointments, loves and heartbreaks. Some trying to repair the world. Others overwhelmed by the beauty of the world as it is. All in one place, becoming one people. What democracy looks like. 

Health Care Revolt looks around the world for examples of health care systems that are effective ad affordable, pictures such a system for the U.S., and creates a practical playbook for a political revolution in health care that will allow the nation to protect health while strengthening democracy.


"A powerful first novel -- an epic stretching from the civil wars of Liberia to the streets of Rhode Island. A joy to read!" 

- PAUL J.STEKLER, Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker

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“Dr. Fine is a major writer.”

—Robert Whitcomb, president, The Boston Guardian, columnist for and former financial editor of the International Herald Tribune.

"Michael Fine’s world is not fair but it is full. His characters are not beautiful but they have dignity. ...To read about them is to read about us."

—Christopher F. Koller, President of the Millbank Memorial Fund

"The Bull and other stories, Rhythmic with a jazz cadence, poignant, timely and timeless, vivid detail but above all Michael Fine is a storyteller and a damn good one at that."

—Bert Crenca, Founder of AS220


“Michael Fine’s short stories rivet our readers in his monthly Sunday morning columns. We can imagine them sitting there with their morning coffee pondering the obvious and the not so obvious life dramas that Michael writes that capture you from the beginning, to the very end.”

—Nancy Thomas, President of Tapestry Communications


"Michael Fine... is a master. From first sentence to last, this collection is a rare delight."  

 G. Wayne Miller, Staff Writer at The Providence Journal

About the Author:


Michael Fine, MD, is a writer, community organizer, and family physician. He is the chief health strategist for the City of Central Falls, RI, and a former Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, 2011–2015. He is currently the Board Vice Chair and Co-Founder of the Scituate Health Alliance. He is the recipient of the Barbara Starfield Award, the John Cunningham Award, and the Austin T. Levy Award.

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